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Call or text 988 for suicide or mental health crisis support



Peer-to-Peer, Youth Suicide Prevention

Hope Squad provides a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program that empowers students to make a positive impact on their peers who may be struggling with mental health issues. Hope Squad helps students to identify warning signs of suicide and how to intervene and offer support to their peers in need.The program can create a culture of help-seeking and support within the school, which can reduce the stigma around mental health and encourage students to seek the help they need.

 Additionally, Hope Squad can serve as an early warning system, with trained students able to identify and connect their peers with appropriate mental health resources before a crisis arises. By implementing Hope Squad, schools can help promote mental wellness and prevent suicide among their student body. Overall, Hope Squad can be an effective way to engage young people in suicide prevention and promote a positive, supportive school culture.


The Hope Squad program contains a curriculum that utilizes QPR techniques, emphasizes suicide prevention fundamentals, self-care, and anti-bullying practices. The purpose of the curriculum is to create common knowledge and understanding within the school community and does not replace the role of school counselors.