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Call or text 988 for suicide or mental health crisis support


Remembering Brady: Community Gathers at Memorial Bench Unveiling

In a heartfelt tribute to Brady, a beloved 15-year-old who we tragically lost to suicide in 2022, a dedicated memorial bench was unveiled at the Old Bridge Golf Course.  

The event was graced by the presence of Senator Henry, who, along with the Old Bridge Golf Course, generously donated the bench. Hope Squad also played a crucial role as a sponsor, contributing to the success of the day. Ryan and his team at the Old Bridge Golf Course ensured everything ran smoothly, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It was also great to see Mayor Walker, Dr. Anita Greenberg-Belli, Erik DePalma, and Darin Accettulli attended this special day.

Participants enjoyed a day of sunshine, perfect for the activities planned. Children had fun playing miniature golf and practicing their swings, making the event not only a memorial but a celebration of life and community spirit.