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Jordan Toma Inspires Salk Middle School 7th Graders

On June 18th, Salk Middle School’s auditorium buzzed with excitement as 7th graders gathered to hear from Jordan Toma, the nation’s leading youth motivational speaker. Co-sponsored by Brady’s Voice and the Salk PTA, the event aimed to provide inspiration and support to students, focusing on mental health and resilience.


Inspiring Message: Jordan Toma, author of “I’m Just a Kid with an IEP,” delivered a compelling presentation emphasizing that struggles can become strengths. His dynamic style captivated the students and inspired them to view their challenges as opportunities for growth.


Interactive Engagement: Toma’s presentation was not just a speech; it was an interactive experience. He asked students questions, engaged them in conversations, and distributed T-shirts, bracelets, and copies of his book. The session concluded with Jordan meeting individually with students, signing merchandise, and offering personal encouragement, creating a lasting impact on the young audience.


Mental Health Focus: The core of Toma’s message was the importance of mental health, resilience, and self-belief. He provided practical advice on coping with challenges, encouraging students to prioritize their mental well-being and to seek help when needed.


Jordan Toma’s presentation at Salk Middle School was a remarkable success, providing invaluable insights and inspiration to the 7th graders. The event underscored the importance of mental health awareness and the positive impact of motivational speakers like Toma.


Jordan Toma’s message to the students perfectly aligns with Brady’s Voice mission to support kids in coping with their mental health challenges. Brady’s Voice was thrilled to contribute to this special event, underscoring our commitment to youth well-being. Together, we can continue to make a profound difference in the lives of young people, fostering a future where every child feels supported and empowered.